The Wobble Fly

Fly wobbler. A new concept in fly fishing. By Martie van den Brand.

The story behind this magnificent fly started several years ago, when I was regularly fishing one of Hollandís large trout reservoirs. In those days flies were not the only lures allowed and I often saw a few lads fishing wobblers and plugs. Despite my efforts I never did as well as they did. The wobbler gang always seemed to catch more and bigger fish than any fly fishermen, which after some time arose my curiosity. Why did wobblers always catch more and better fish? Was it the shape, the movement, the size of the plugs? Would it be possible to achieve the same results by designing a fly that would swim like a wobbler? I was unsure where to start, but I felt inspired and set myself to this task.

First experiments.
Pretty soon I had figured out the rough design. It incorporated the main elements of wobbler design: a bib, to give the wobbler its wobbling movement, and the foam body to keep it at the desired depth. The ideal spoon shaped bibs I found, came from a plastic soft drink bottle, but it was not an easy job cutting them in the desired shape.
The first experiments could begin and were of course done at the large trout reservoir mentioned above. It is Lake Oostvoorne, a big brackish lake (used to be a bay of the North Sea). Trout (mainly rainbows) are stocked annually at around 20-25 cm, but they grow on quickly and reach lengths of over 80 cm. Now this may sound like a real fishermenís tale, but the very first occasion I tested my small wobbler designs, I caught a fish of 84 cm weighing around 10 lbs. And it was not just beginnerís luck either, for over the following four sessions nine more big rainbows were landed varying from 76 to 81 cm. This was a real confidence booster, although there were still some problems with the design to be fixed. The fly wobbler had to be fished very slowly or it would unavoidably rotate around its shank and twist the leader. But even with this limitation the small fly wobbler kept doing its job on still waters and reservoirs.

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