The Wobble Fly

Finding the secret.
Over the years I experimented with a lot of different designs to get the problem of the undesired rotation fixed, most of which failed for one reason or the other. The inspiration for the essential aspect of the fly (the bent hook) came from reading articles of English carp fishermen who achieved better hooking results with bent hooks. This got me thinking and I tried bending the hook shank in varied ways, from a 10-15 degrees bend about a quarter to a third from the hook eye, to a more even arch so the hook resembled a giant shrimp hook. This change in design proved to be the secret I was looking for. At once the problem of rotation was solved.
By bending the hook, most of the hook mass is lowered below the centre of gravity, which helps to keep the fly running upright when retrieved, even in a strong current. Just like a Rapala wobbler, which is kept in it position by the weight of the hooks.

Testing time.
Shortly after this discovery I was on a fishing trip at a beautiful well known Southern German river. There were quite some big trout in the river but I noticed only local fishermen with their exceptional knowledge of the water were able to catch these. Of course I could not resist to try the tiny fly wobbler. A little nervous I tied on the new improved design on the leader and cast it downstream to a big shadow. When I was stripping the fly slowly towards me I could feel the movement of the wobbler vibrating the tip of my rod. Within seconds I had a violent take, and managed to land one of the biggest fish ever caught on that particular water. I was very pleased and satisfied, the fly finally worked perfectly.


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